Appel à candidatures: photo et film – Séminaire International « Fazendo Gênero » et Congrès « Mundos de Mulheres » – Brésil

Enrollment Rules for the Photography Exhibition

  1. Submissions for the Photography Exhibition will be accepted from August 05, 2016 to December 14, 2016 by filling out the online form and sending the authorization and the items described below by post, the deadline for posting everything is December 15, 2016.
  2. Those interested should complete the full online form and send the material by post including:
    – text describing the exhibition, up to 15, the text should be the same as the one presented in the online form;
    – photos (up to 10 pictures, with a maximum size of 20x25cm);
    -corresponding captions up to a line in Times 12 font, file .DOC, which should be uploaded through theRegistration Site (Área do Inscrito);
    – three high resolution images (300dpi, format 18x24cm) for publicity use, which should also be uploaded through the Registration site)

Postal mail address: 





Campus Universitario Reitor João David Ferreira Lima

Trindade – Florianópolis – Santa Catarina – Brasil

Cep: 88040-970
Click here to download the registration for Photography Exhibition


Audiovisual Exhibition Schedule for the International Congress Doing Gender and 11/Women’s Worlds Congress

– December 1, 2016 – Opening date for submissions
– January 31, 2017 – Closing date for submissions
– March 31, 2017 – Results selection
– July 30-August 4, 2017 – Audiovisual Exhibition

Proposal Instructions for Audiovisual Exhibition

1. Proposals for the Audiovisual Exhibition will be accepted from December 1rst, 2016 to January 31rst, 2017.
The online form must by completed on the site of the event.  The application form (provided in a text file below) should be uploaded and saved in the system (or include the hyperlink).

2. The Audiovisual Exhibition will accept documentaries, fictional and research films. The films can be produced in 35 and 16mm film or video (HDV, Mini DV, DVCam).

3. Recent national and international productions can be submitted regardless of their date of completion.

4. The Exhibition reserves the right to make public displays of selected films and videos which publicize the event.

5. For the selection process, it is sufficient to indicate on the form the link (and access password) where the film can be accessed (Youtube, Vimeo or other).

6. The films selected by the Audiovisual Exhibition Committee must be sent by e-mail to The deadline for posting the film is June 30, 2017. If not posted, they will be automatically deleted from the Exhibition.

7. In order for the proposals to be accepted, films should include subtitles in, at least, Portuguese, in order to ensure maximum accessibility.

Click here to download the registration for Audiovisual Exhibition